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At Marcell Construction we understand what it means to invest in your Baton Rouge home. As working homeowners ourselves, we know it can be challenging to find time to concentrate on roofing maintenance, so we offer roofing contractor services to help you take care of your property. Roof repairs can be complex, and unless you're a certified roofing contractor with experience, it can be a confusing process that can negatively affect your home when done incorrectly. For that reason, we offer affordable roof inspection and roof repair services to help keep your roof maintained throughout the year.

As construction experts, our roofing contractors have experience working with different types of properties. So they can immediately recognize the symptoms of water damage or pinpoint inefficient building materials and provide professional recommendations to fix those issues.

The condition of your home's exterior can negatively affect its interior. So, at Marcell Construction, we like to address other aspects of your home, like the siding and gutters, to ensure those areas don't affect the rest of your home. We also take a look at your drywall, ceilings, and even your attic to look for possible damage that can affect the structural integrity of your home in the future.

If you're looking for a dependable roofing contractor who can ensure your home maintenance is up to standard, call us for a consultation and an estimate.

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We don't just serve residential properties in the Baton Rouge area; we also offer our roofing contracting services to Covington, Gonzalez, Hammond, Madisonville, Mandeville, New Orleans, Plaquemine, Port Allen, Prairieville, and Slidell. If your area is not listed, still feel free to call. Our roofing contractors are here to provide expert recommendations and service to all residents in Baton Rouge and the surrounding counties.

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Although roofs are built to last for 15 to 25 years, constant exposure to the elements will eventually cause some damage. Heavy storms or simple wear and tear can lead to loosened shingles, missing flashing, or even a damaged fascia board. If the damage is too extensive or your roof has simply become too old to function, you will have to get a roof replacement. The average home will need its roof changed at least every 20 to 30 years, so it may be time for a roof replacement if you've already lived in it for that long.

Aside from roofing maintenance, we also provide other exterior maintenance services such as siding repairs, gutter installation, sheetrock repair, and exterior painting. We also offer a variety of inexpensive materials, colors, and styles for siding and gutter installation.

We only use high-quality materials such as metal, wood, slate, copper, aluminum, fiber cement, cedar, and vinyl.

As part of our sheetrock repair services, we inspect your home's interior for any holes or cracks in your drywall or ceilings. We'll also resurface uneven popcorn ceilings and patch or replace drywall.

Getting a thorough roof inspection can help you create a proper maintenance schedule and itemize your repairs. It would also help you get ahead of minor damages before they become more serious, saving you thousands of dollars in more extensive repairs or roof replacement. In addition, you can double or even triple your roof's lifespan with regular roof inspections just by keeping it monitored.

A roof inspection can provide valuable information to your insurance company before you start renovations to have your roof upgraded. It can also be helpful when you're preparing to sell your home. It provides an official roof certification to inform prospective buyers about the roof condition and life span.

When the paint on your siding begins to fade and peel, it can give your home a drab and unattractive appearance that drastically decreases curb appeal. Typically, a roofing contractor focuses solely on roofs, but our roofers can provide a fresh coat of paint to brighten up your home and restore its original curb appeal.

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We understand that your property is an essential aspect of your life, so we treat it as our own. Therefore, we study your property for any potential trouble spots to accurately provide you with the necessary recommendations to solve the problem; instead of selling you services that you may not need. So we address specific areas of your roof to ensure that your shingles aren't loosened, your pipe collars aren't leaking, and your chimney caps are debris-free. Our main priority is to provide your property with comprehensive care that is transparent, affordable, and efficient.

If you're looking for a roofing contractor to work on your Baton Rouge home, call us at 225-256-2497 and speak to one of our roofers about consultation and an estimate.

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