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Roof Installation & Replacement in Madisonville, LA

Roof Installation & Replacement in Madisonville, LA

Brand new roof project completed in Madisonville a few days ago. The pre-existing roof had been impacted with a significant amount wind damage from one of the big storms that hit the area a few years back. Roofing Shingles were lifted and missing throughout the roof, causing a leaky roof. Repairs had been performed by a previous contractor in an attempt to contain damage to the roof decking and interior of the home but leaks persisted and the only solution was a roof replacement. We worked with the homeowners to come up with the best and most suitable option for them to obtain a new roof. Once the old roof came down, we were pleasantly surprised to avoid major roof decking repairs, which was a welcome relief on the homeowners budget. Customers decided to go back with Weathered Wood color in a Titan XT shingle cut by Tamko. Our roofing crews generally seal and secure with special attention to detail to ensure nothing gets left to chance. However, since this was a family referral from a previous customer, we were happy to take the extra steps necessary to guarantee the homeowner's satisfaction. As seen in photos, this was a decent size roof, and with the weather on our side, the crew worked tirelessly to ensure the job was executed as planned and the roof was prepared for the next storm. The homeowners were pleased with their new Roof Installation & Replacements!

Service provided: Roof Installation & Replacements

Budget: 20,000

Location: Madisonville, LA

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