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Professional Siding Repairs in Baton Rouge

Siding repairs

Owning a property in Baton Rouge is a big investment that will eventually require regular maintenance and siding repairs. If you intend on selling your home in the future, it is important that you preserve its appearance to reap its full property value. Having beautiful and durable siding can add value to your home, and hiring a professional roofing contractor to maintain your home's siding will help keep it that way.

At Marcell Construction, we work with reliable, high-quality materials to provide dependable siding installation and siding repair options to residents living in the Baton Rouge area. We will inspect your home's siding for any signs of damage and offer expert recommendations on the best course of action for your property. Contact us and find out what makes us the best roofing contractor for Baton Rouge.

Experienced Siding Contractor

Whether you need new siding repairs or installation, having new siding on your home can be very beneficial to your property. New siding can help you save energy and improve indoor air quality and overall home comfort by providing proper insulation against unwanted moisture. In addition, if your home's siding is falling apart from cracks, dents, rotting, or bowing, a siding installation or siding repairs can help restore its overall appearance.

At Marcell Construction our contractors have the materials to provide various kinds of siding styles and textures, which include:

  • Fiber cement siding
  • Cedar Shake siding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Shingle siding
  • Horizontal siding
  • Vertical siding

Whether a storm or other occurrences has damaged your siding, our team are experienced professionals who can quickly handle your siding repairs. We fix your siding's damaged fascia, replace missing panels, and address any cracks or leaks. We also fix minor siding repairs like peeling with our exterior painting services. And our siding installation process is fast and easy to schedule around your busy life.

Siding Installation for Your Baton Rouge Home

As a premier roofing contractor for Baton Rouge residents, Marcell Construction provides top-notch siding installation services to homeowners looking to replace their siding. Whether vinyl or cedar siding, our experts will help you choose the best siding style and texture to fit your property. Your new siding materials will be shipped to your home, the existing siding will be quickly removed, and the house will be prepped to install your new siding.

So if you're looking for siding repairs for your Baton Rouge home, then please call 225-256-2497 to speak to one of our contractors about consultation and an estimate.

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