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Installing & Replacing Chimney Caps For Baton Rouge Properties

Chimney caps

If you are a property owner with a chimney on your Baton Rouge home, then there's a good chance you already recognize the benefits of having a chimney cap. Aside from protecting your house from water damage and fire, chimney caps also guard against critters hoping to use your chimney to nest or get in your home. However, most property owners tend to forget that, as with everything we own, chimney caps need to be regularly cleaned and maintained between animal chimney inspections to remain efficient.

Chimney Cap Installation

Water or moisture can cause the most damage to your chimney system after it soaks into the porous surface of the mortar and causes it to spall or break off. The damage to the brick can also lead to the deterioration of the chimney liner, damper, and metal fireboxes.

To avoid costly chimney repairs and keep your roof safe from the elements, roofing contractors usually recommend installing a chimney cap. The chimney safety feature fits over your chimney liner and is installed at the top of the chimney to cover the opening. The mesh in a chimney cap will prevent leaves, debris, and rodents from entering your chimney system. And by deflecting the rain, a chimney cap reduces the invasion of water and increases the longevity of your chimney.

At Marcell Construction, we can help you choose and install the right chimney cap for your home. As a roofing contractor for Baton Rouge, we specialize in all types of chimney and roof-related issues, including flashing insulation repair.

Chimney Cap Cleaning

Metal mesh around the sides of the chimney cap can easily become clogged or obstructed by the elements or regular use. If that happens, if you keep your chimney from producing proper ventilation to your home. That can be dangerous if you plan to use your fireplace. Without adequate airflow, a clogged chimney cap can force the carbon monoxide from the smoke to circulate back down the chimney and into your home. As you well know, exposure to carbon monoxide can be life-threatening, so it's best to avoid dealing with that situation by having your chimney cap routinely inspected for obstructions.

There are two common types of chimney cap obstructions:

Creosote Buildup

Creosote is a tar-like chemical compound created from the combustion byproducts of wood fire & chimney condensation. Creosote is highly flammable and can build up inside the chimney flue In the chimney cap.

Debris Buildup

Strong winds can cover your roof with twigs, leaves, and trash during stormy weather. The debris can eventually get wrapped around the chimney cap and obstruct airflow, decreasing ventilation.

AtMarcell Construction we offer highly efficient chimney cleaning and inspection services. We perform a full inspection that includes the chimney cap, crown, flashing, and masonry work. With our regularly scheduled chimney maintenance, our experts can help you preserve the integrity of your chimney and drastically reduce the risk of a potential house fire.

If you're looking for chimney cap installation, repair, or cleaning for your Baton Rouge, call Marcell Construction at 225-256-2497 to schedule an appointment.

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