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Top Issues That Homeowners Face With Gutters

Top gutter issues for homeowners

For many homeowners, gutters are essential when heavy rains and inclement weather attack your roofing and siding integrity. There are ultimately responsible for leading any water run-off away from your home. But if they are not maintained properly, then they can't do their job efficiently. And that can increase the risk of water damage both inside and outside of your house.

The most common issues homeowners face with their gutters are heavy exterior damage, clogged gutters, gutter sag, or just having a poorly designed gutter system. As a premier roofing contractor company that also works on gutters, Marcell Construction can give you a consultation and help you fix and restore your gutters so that your home can keep its level of water damage to a minimum.

Heavy Exterior Damage

Basic wear and tear from heavy storms over the years can lead to a natural weakening of the structure, but after a while, damaged gutters can be quite problematic. Loose gutters pose a safety threat, and those with seams may eventually spring leaks. A roofing contractor can reseal weak joints or may suggest installing a seamless system.

Clogged Gutters

The most common problem with gutters that homeowners have is clogging. When channels become clogged, they can't drain properly and can start to overflow during rainstorms. If the water can't pass through properly, you can begin to cause problems with the foundation of your house.

To keep them free of debris, you need a gutter cleaning twice a year. This might vary depending on the climate you live in, but it's usually good to get your gutter cleaned out in late fall and early spring. A professional roofing contractor can clear the debris and provide mesh screen options for your gutter to prevent future debris buildup.

Improperly Pitched Gutters

For water to flow correctly, gutters need to be angled or pitched perfectly. The slope should sit at the correct angle, which is at least a quarter-inch for every 10 feet of gutter. If you think your gutters might not be pitched properly, it's easy to tell. Just get up on a ladder after a rainstorm; if you see standing water, you'll likely need to adjust the pitch. Sometimes this is as easy as bending it into place, but you might need to reinstall the hangers, which is a much bigger job and may require professional installation.

It's wise for homeowners to inspect their gutters throughout the year. A regular inspection from top to bottom can help save you from spending thousands of dollars on potentially extensive repairs and installations in the future.

Our gutter experts at Marcell Construction can provide you with the best options for your gutter system repairs and installations. If you're having gutter problems or just need a gutter inspection, please don't hesitate to call us at 225-256-2497 for an estimate today.

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