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Common Issues Homeowners Face With Siding

Common siding issues homeowners

The siding on your home provides essential protection from the elements and aesthetic appeal to your property. However, as the weather beats down your home throughout the year, the exposure will eventually lead to siding damage such as cracks, warping, and peeling. As the top-rated roofing contractor company in the area, Marcell Construction has seen its fair share of these problems. We'll discuss how these issues can affect your home and what siding repairs can be done to fix them.


Rocks, hail, fallen tree limbs, and various projectiles can cause cracks and leave extensive damage on your siding. Vinyl siding is especially vulnerable to cracks or punctures since it is made of thin material and not fully supported by the side of your house. A roofing contractor can use a simple patch kit to seal the crack and paint it to seamlessly match the color of your siding.


Improper installation can usually your siding to bow, buckle, or warp. This can happen if your siding is nailed down too tight and has no room to expand, causing it to bend. To avoid this, siding panels need to be placed in a way that allows them to expand and contract along with the changes in the weather. A professional roofing contractor can expertly hang your siding correctly during installation to prevent buckling. If warping has already occurred, they can also easily replace the warped panels with new ones. However, if the warping damage involves more than a few panels, they may also recommend replacing the entire siding to help you avoid paying for repeat siding repairs.


The paint of the siding will eventually begin to fade and peel over time, leaving your home looking old and lackluster. That can immediately decrease the curb appeal and property value of your home. In addition, peeling paint can leave your siding bare and exposed to the elements, making it easier for water to leak and cause rot. A roofing contractor has the expertise to properly scrape away all of the peeling paint and provide a fresh coat with a weatherproofing sealant to preserve your siding.

At Marcell Construction, we provide siding repairs and installation services. If you're dealing with wood siding issues or need other exterior maintenance, please call us at 225-256-2497 to speak with one of our experts.

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