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About Marcell Construction - Your Trusted Baton Rouge Roofer

About us

Many years ago, Marcell Construction started as an independent contractor focused on exterior maintenance and construction in Baton Rouge. However, we soon realized a greater need for roofing contractor services for residential clients in the area. So we decided to turn our attention to providing reliable property maintenance services to those customers. Now, Marcell Construction has grown into a reputable roofing contractor company that offers affordable roof repair and replacement to Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas.

All of our professional roofers are certified and insured to work on any type of home in the Baton Rouge area. And as experts in construction, they can provide various services to address several structural aspects of your home. They can not only perform roof repairs on both sloped and flat roofing systems, but they can also fix your home's siding and gutters. Our roofing contractor services include:

  • Roof inspection, repair, and installation
  • Siding repairs
  • Sheetrock repairs
  • Gutter repair and installation
  • Exterior painting

Our roofers are dedicated to providing friendly customer service, expert recommendations, and reliable roofing solutions.

We'll offer affordable inspections anytime, whether you need to check for water damage after a storm or want an update on its current condition before selling your home.

We will inform you of any damage we find during the inspection and have the tools to begin repairs immediately. Our roofers can also provide you with an estimated timeline of your roof's longevity so you can plan your budget ahead of other potential repairs or possible replacements.

We understand how difficult it can be to keep a property maintenance routine while dealing with work and family.

At Marcell Construction, our owners believe in doing a job right the first time. So our goal is to provide comprehensive repairs and installation services that are done with the proper expertise to make sure any new modifications stand the test of time. In addition, Marcell Construction roofers consider the potential issues affecting your home's structural integrity and search for those symptoms accordingly, so nothing gets overlooked. Our care and consideration for your home make Marcell Construction a leading roofing contractor for Baton Rouge. Just leave your roofing maintenance to us so that you can concentrate on everything else.

From everyone here at Marcell Construction, thanks for choosing us to handle your roof maintenance needs.

If you're looking for a roofing contractor in Baton Rouge, please call 225-256-2497 and speak with one of our experts about consultation and an estimate.

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